No Man's Sky Visions Update Shows off New Visions To Players

Published: November 22, 2018 2:01 PM /


no man's sky visions update

The No Man's Sky Visions update is here and it brings with it a boatload of new content according to a page on the game's official website.

To some, No Man's Sky might have been a little light on features at its launch. Reviews were all over the place (with ours generally being on the positive side) and Hello Games had to deal with a handful of irate fans thanks to delays and other issues early on in the game. Despite these initial hiccups, they've been working hard on content for the last few years and have just released their latest piece of work: the No Man's Sky Visions update.

The No Man's Sky Visions update adds a couple of new gameplay mechanics and a bunch of new alien flora and fauna. Take a look at the trailer for Update 1.75 to see it in action:

One of the neat new features is archaeology. Players can find skeletons of alien creatures buried throughout the game's universe. If they're particularly lucky, they may even be able to find a whole intact skeleton! The addition of Exotic Trophies - strange alien artifacts peppered throughout the universe - will give you yet another type of item to track down and collect to display in your base.

Planets have gotten their fair share of improvements. Strange new planetary biomes and bizarre creatures now occupy anomalous planets, giving gamers something new and wonderful to discover. Improvements to water variation, atmospheric diversity, and plant life will make the other planets in the title even more diverse. We've even had rainbows added into the mix!

Of course, the No Man's Sky Visions update had some neat things for the hardier explorers out there. Salvageable scrap from alien satellites peppers the surface of many worlds, but be careful - they also carry the risk of being patrolled by corrupted sentinel drones. New Storm Crystals can only be harvested on extreme planets during the worst weather but will provide a veritable fortune if you can do it safely.

There's been a pretty robust set of additions in the No Man's Sky Visions update. Be sure to read through the game's patch notes for all the fine details. The update should be live and available for all to play. You can get No Man's Sky for the PC at 50% off on Steam and the Humble Store or DRM-free at its regular price over at GOG. Console players can get it at a 10% discount at the Microsoft Store for the Xbox One and for its regular price at the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4.

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What do you think of the additions to No Man's Sky in the Visions update? Are there any new features that you're particularly excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

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