No Man's Sky Next Brings Multiplayer, More Next Week

Published: July 17, 2018 4:46 PM /


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No Man's Sky is back again with a new update coming next week, titled No Man's Sky Next.

The update will finally bring a feature many fans have been hoping for to the game, online multiplayer. Hello Games head Sean Murray revealed a brand new reveal trailer, showcasing the multiplayer in action. The video also showed off another new feature added to the game as well; the control of massive ship freighters and amassing your own fleets of ships for all-out star battles.

No Man's Sky has been quietly building up momentum over this summer, with the community going through another round of the Waking Titan ARG, which has been in phase 4 since January of this year. The game has been hinting at the new features in No Man's Sky Next for months after Murray posted that the update was coming this summer back in May.

The video contains several other aspects in it as well that aren't as immediately obvious. First, there is a large visual overhaul that will let you play in either first or third person on-foot and in ship providing greater options for players. They also improved planetary terrain generation, ground textures, and details on ships, water, NPCs, buildings and more. Space has also been beautified with planetary rings. Base building has been expanded to let players build and own multiple bases with hundreds of new base parts and much bigger bases put in it. Freighter base building has also been improved to let players build highly custom capital ships. One aspect of multiplayer not mentioned much is that you can create race tracks and trails, share them online and race them across various terrains with exocraft with your friends or other travelers.

No Man's Sky already has a healthy fan community, with many players already relegated to fan-made factions while mapping out parts of the 18 quintillion-planet galaxy on their own. The addition of multiplayer has already gotten many players excited for the possibilities of what can come next, including fan-made planetary wars and large-scale exploration efforts already gaining traction as possible events in the game's future.

No Man's Sky Next will launch next week, July 24th for the Xbox One. PS4 and PC players will receive the Next update for free.

What are your thoughts on No Man's Sky Next? Going to head back to the universe Hello Games has created? Leave your comments below. 

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