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Published: May 14, 2020 10:15 PM /


Nintendo Switch Online Rygar

It had been a few months since Nintendo had added any games to the Nintendo Switch Online library, but tonight Nintendo dropped out of nowhere that they were adding three Super Nintendo and one Nintendo Entertainment System games on May 20th.

For the SNES the three games added are Wild GunsPanel de Pon, and Operation Logic BombWild Guns is the classic shooting gallery game created by Natsume and released in 1994, known for its co-operative multiplayer and visuals as you battle outlaws, robots, and enormous bosses. Panel de Pon is making its western debut, but the gameplay may seem similar as in 1995 it was localized as Tetris Attack, replacing the fantasy setting with characters and settings from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. It is a falling block puzzle game where you match three of a kind (by color), and also features a head to head mode. Operation Logic Bomb is, despite a title sounding like a puzzler, a top-down shooter where you control a cyborg searching for improved weapons and objectives while battling foes. 

Last but not least, Rygar is a classic arcade and NES game by Capcom. This version is based on the home release which added some extra details, and depth to the title in what is a more arcadey take on the Metroidvania formula featuring exploratory platforming action. 

As is common, the Japanese line up is slightly different. Accessible to anyone with a Japanese Nintendo Switch Account (which anyone can make an account of on their device), the line up there is 2 Famicom games and 2 Super Famicom titles. The Famicom titles are Rygar and Journey to Silus, while the Super Famicom games are Super Punch Out!! and Panel de Pon. All of these titles either already were, or will be on May 20th, part of Nintendo Switch Online English versions.

Finally, for those who don't have Nintendo Switch Online, the free trial has been reset, meaning that even if you used it before you can use it again.

What do you think of these additions to Nintendo Switch Online? Which do you want to try out? Let us know in the comments below!

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