Nintendo NX Rumor Roundup - Reveal Imminent?

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Is the Nintendo NX going to see a reveal within the next week?

A recent filing from the Australian Corporation Macquarie Group, as reported by the website Seeking Alpha, has claimed that the NX will get a reveal next week. The reason for the filing by the Macquarie Group is to prepare for a "major" disappointment for volume sales.

Macquarie noted that Nintendo has been downgraded to a "Neutral" rating, and has also cut its price target for Nintendo to  ¥25,900 from a previous ¥27,300 price, speculating that Nintendo shares will drop after the NX announcement.

Outside of the legal information presented by the Macquarie Group, the big takeaway is the possibility of the NX finally getting a major reveal. Wall Street Journal Analysts last month have pointed to "early October" as the possible time for a reveal for the console, and Nintendo Europe noted that information regarding the NX will be released before the end of 2016.

It should also be noted that the 76th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Q & A, which is an investors call meeting for Nintendo, is scheduled to take place on October 27th, 2016. There are several expectations that the NX will be revealed before this meeting takes place.

Along with the imminent reveal, there have been a few rumors going around regarding the name of the NX. The first rumor was the name the Nintendo Duo, which began circulating a few days ago, where a man posted a picture on twitter  showing off a screen of the title. The original tweeter has since stated the image is a fake, which he in turn showed off in another tweet, featured below.

A second rumor name, however, as reported by Twinfinite, may have a bit more credibility. The logo photographed shows the logo to be the Nintendo Next, and was taken by an anonymous person working at the Milan Game Expo. According to the anonymous source, the booth was set up by Nintendo on Wednesday with the Next logo, before they were asked to remove it on Thursday, before the Milan Game Expo begins.

The public booth  at the Milan Games Expo currently has no sign of the name Nintendo Next, or no sign of the NX at all. It instead is focusing on previously released games.

Photo courtesy of Twinfinite.
Photo courtesy of Twinfinite.

It is still speculation if the logo photographed is real, and given the nature of the story as posted by Twinfinite, it can go either way. Regardless, answers may be coming real soon, and if the Macquarie Group information is accurate, it will be sometime next week.

The only thing confirmed for sure is that the Nintendo NX will be released in March of 2017. Other than that semi-solid release window, nothing else about the console is known at this time, other than tons of rumors and speculation on it being a hybrid console of some sort.

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