Ninjala Sonic Crossover Races Out Pretty Soon

Published: September 10, 2020 9:44 AM /


Ninjala characters wearing the new Sonic costumes

Free-to-play Switch multiplayer action game Ninjala is getting some Sonic the Hedgehog-themed goodies. Starting from September 23rd, you can enjoy new Sonic-themed costumes, Ippon decorations, and a new Gum Utsusemi transformation.

What's coming in the Ninjala and Sonic crossover?

This news comes via a developer diary shared on the official Ninjala YouTube account. Starting in less than two weeks, you can enjoy Ninjala avatar outfits based on Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles (& Knuckles). There are also Sonic and Dr. Eggman-themed Ippon decorations for you to enjoy, as well as an Eggman-themed Gum Utsusemi transformation. You'll be able to buy all of these items with Ninjala's in-game currency Jala, which you can earn either by purchasing it or by simply playing a few games.

These items will become available on September 23rd and will spin-dash their way out of Ninjala on October 21st. It's worth remembering that the characters themselves aren't actually appearing in the game; rather, these are cosmetic items based on the appearances of the characters. Still, they should be a nice little blast of nostalgia for fans of the Blue Blur and his buddies.

The Tails costume in Ninjala
Ninjala is getting costumes based on Sonic, and Tails (& Knuckles).

What else is coming to Ninjala soon?

In the above developer diary, Ninjala devs GungHo Online also shared some details about the new Featured Battle game mode coming in October. This is the first limited-time event in Ninjala and will offer up a series of different events, each with varied and unique gameplay. The first of these events is Beast Attack, which sees eight players entering an arena. Some of these players are randomly chosen to become "Beasts", with Beasts hunting down regular ninja in order to return to ninja form.

A banner image for Ninjala's new Featured Battle mode

If you're a ninja, the longer you elude the Beasts, the more points you'll be given. Conversely, if you succumb to a Beast, you'll be turned into one yourself and must hunt down ninja to begin earning points. If you taunt the Beasts with an emote, you'll be rewarded with extra points, but you'll also be vulnerable for a few moments, so you'll need to weigh up whether the chance to taunt Beasts is worth it.

You can play Ninjala for free right now via the Nintendo eShop.

Are you looking forward to Ninjala's new Sonic content and Featured Battle mode? Let us know in the comments below!  


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