Nindies Spring Showcase – Explore the Open World of Pine in August

Published: Wednesday, March 20, 2019 - 13:22 | By: Austin Suther
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October 10, 2019
PC, Nintendo Switch
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A Unique Open World

If The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild left a hole in your heart, Pine looks like it might be just the game to fill it.

You play as a human hero named Hue in a third-person open world action-adventure. This world is filled with 5 different factions of human-like animals such as foxes, moose, and crocodile creatures. They aim to dominate the food chain and appear at war with each other.


The combat system is supposed to "learn from your every move." With an emphasis on AI and interaction with different factions, likely this means that the enemies will have unique responses to your playstyle rather than predictable behaviors.

There are "miles of terrain" with six different biomes, so the world sounds like it will be massive. You must use the world's resources to survive and trade with factions. You can also create items to use or sell.

Pine is published by Kongregate and developed by Twirlbound and Rachet Audio. According to the press release, here are Pine's origins:

After the release of With the Wind, it was time for something more ambitious. Founders Marc and Matthijs were playing around with the idea of adapting AI and how this could work in a highly entertaining action adventure game, rather than a fighting game or simulation game. This was the birth of Pine - an adventure game with a smart simulated ecology that adapts to the player's actions and inactions.

You can get your hands on Pine this August. It is coming to Kongregate's digital storefront Kartridge, Steam, and the Nintendo Switch.

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