Long Live the Queen

New Update for Long Live the Queen

March 24, 2015

By: Alexandria Brown


Although released back in November of 2013, indie dev's Hanako Games are still supporting and updating their visual novel/life simulator game Long Live the Queen.  A huge update with new content was released for the game on March, 8 2015.  Now's a great time to get back into the game or check it out if you haven't given it a try yet.



Fondly called a "Sansa Stark Simulator" by many of the visual novel's fans, Long Live the Queen allows players to make decisions that affect the life of a young queen-to-be named Elodie.  These decisions have huge impacts for her kingdom and the lives of the people around her.  Be careful what you chose to do because in a kingdom full of court intrigue, looming wars and mysterious magic, many of those choices can lead to Elodie's death if she's not prepared.

Player's should be prepared to die a lot in Long Live the Queen.  But with each death the player learns more about the game and unlocks new achievements and endings. The new update brings new content, so Elodie can die in new and exciting ways!


Back in January an update for the game was made available via beta.  Now in March the updates are live. Updates for Long Live the Queen include new content, bug fixes, and minor tweaks.

New plot points are added to Long Live the Queen.  The faces of character's that were previously lacking have been included, as well as more freedom in choosing marriage partners and more reactions to certain situations.  There's even a new checklist item and achievement!  Those wanting to learn more about the changes included in this most recent update can see the spoiler-ific beta post by the developer.


Long Live the Queen is available for Windows, Apple and Linux.  It costs $9.99 on Steam.  Try out the new content update for this cute and challenging, indie visual novel/life simulator.


Have you played LLtQ with the new update?  What's your favorite change from the update?