New Splinter Cell Trademark Filed For Lingerie and Other Clothing

Published: September 4, 2020 1:20 PM /


Splinter Cell trademark cover

A new Splinter Cell trademark has been filed, but it's not quite what we had hoped. No, it's not a stunning revival or remaster of this Tom Clancy franchise. Instead, this trademark is for... clothing?

Splinter Cell is a fantastic franchise that tells the story of Sam Fisher, an elite secret agent with more gadgets than James Bond and the tactical skills to use them. Unfortunately, it's been a good few years since we've had a new entry in the franchise and fans are eager to see Fisher return to the gaming world with a new release.

There have been hints of a new Splinter Cell game thus far — Sam Fisher has arrived as a character in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and a Netflix series is reportedly in the works. Now, this new Splinter Cell trademark filing gave fans a momentary hope that a new game was on the way. Unfortunately, it isn't the sort of thing you might have been hoping to see.

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What's the New Splinter Cell Trademark About?

A quick glance at the new trademark application for Splinter Cell will quickly dash the hopes of anyone hoping for a new game.

If you're not aware of how trademarks work, they're not quite a universal system. Trademarks prevent other companies from using your brand name, but you also have to have them assigned to a category. If I made a game called "Woofenstuff," that wouldn't necessarily prevent someone from opening up a dog café with the same name. These details are including in a trademark application under the "classes" information.

Here's the information for the new Splinter Cell trademark:

For: Clothing, namely, headwear; Beachwear; belts; bottoms; cloaks; cloth bibs; coats; chaps; costumes for use in role-playing games; beach cover-ups; dresses; ear muffs; footwear; gloves; Halloween costumes; Masquerade costumes; headwear; hosiery; infantwear; jackets; leotards; lingerie; loungewear; mittens; overalls; pants; ponchos; rainwear; scarves; shirts; shorts; sleepwear; socks; sweaters; sweatshirts; swimwear; suits; ties; tops; underwear; wrist bands; hats; caps; beanies

As you can see from the above, this new Splinter Cell trademark is not for a game; rather, it's for clothing. Any type of clothing, including lingerie, leotards, roleplaying costumes and more normal things.

While the lack of a new Splinter Cell game is certainly disappointing for some, there are still hints that Ubisoft might be working on a new project. Between the Ghost Recon collaboration, the reported new Netflix series, and whatever these new clothes may be, fans still have some good reasons to hold out hope.

What do you think this new Splinter Cell clothing will be? Do you think we'll see a new game in the franchise anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below!

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