New Pikmin 4 Trailer Teaches You The Ins And Outs Of Pikmin Expeditions

Published: July 7, 2023 8:40 AM /


A Yellow Pikmin, a Red Pikmin, and a Blue Pikmin lining up and looking at the camera in the new Pikmin 4 trailer

Are you getting hyped for Pikmin 4 yet? The fourth installment in the Pikmin series is almost upon us, and Nintendo has released another trailer teaching you all about the basics of exploring your environment with your little plant buddies at your side. It's perfect for Pikmin first-timers, but maybe veterans like me can learn something new too.

After last month's Pikmin 4 overview trailer gave a quick summary of what Pikmin 4 is all about, this new trailer is diving into what it means to work alongside Pikmin for exploration and combat. It's titled "Your First Expedition with Pikmin", and it's largely intended for new players, although you may still want to give it a look if you're rusty on the Pikmin front.

The cute little trailer shows the player plucking Pikmin from the ground, then blowing their whistle to call all of their Pikmin to their side. We also get to see the player throwing Pikmin at obstacles and enemies, which causes the Pikmin either to carry and build objects or to latch onto enemies and begin attacking them. As you've probably guessed, plucking and throwing Pikmin is pretty much the core gameplay of the Pikmin franchise.

Rather morbidly, the trailer then explains what happens when Pikmin "kick the bucket", as the video puts it. Getting Pikmin killed is pretty much inevitable, and they won't come back if they die, but you can "always grow and pluck more". I won't dwell on the implications of that.

Each Pikmin has a strength, too. Red Pikmin are resistant to fire, for instance, while blue Pikmin can breathe underwater and yellow Pikmin are resistant to electricity. There are other kinds of Pikmin with unique traits and strengths, too, but you'll have to discover those over the course of the game.

Last but not least, the trailer reintroduces Oatchi, the adorable doggo who'll be your companion on the course of your adventure. You'll have to harness the abilities of both Pikmin and Oatchi if you want to complete your rescue mission on Pikmin 4's planet.

Pikmin 4 will be released for Nintendo Switch on July 21st. A free demo is available for the game right now if you want to try it out.


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