New HearthStone Adventure Is The League of Explorers

Published: November 6, 2015 4:07 PM /


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Today at BlizzCon, HearthStone game director Eric Dodds announced the The League of Explorers as next Adventure for HearthStone!

After some teasing, Eric Dodds announced that the first wing of the League of Explorers will be available Thursday, November 12th. This new adventure centres around The Explorer's League, the archeological organization that should be familiar to World of Warcraft players. The League of Explorers will come with several new features for HearthStone players, including

  • A new keyword; Discover
    • A card with Discover will present the player with 3 cards of the same mana cost, and the player can select one and discard the others. Similar to the Tracking Hunter card, but these cards are not drawn from your deck, they are random cards playable by your class.
The Discover mechanic in action
The Discover mechanic in action
  • The League of Explorers will have 4 wings to explore, spanning several locations in Azeroth
  • Like other adventures, clearing wings will reward you with Legendary cards like Elise Starseeker, whose ability is incredibly absurd
    • Elise Starseeker shuffles "Map to the Golden Monkey" into your deck, when you draw it, "The Golden Monkey" is shuffled into your deck. The Golden Monkey is a 6/6 Taunt Creature, and its Battlecry changes your entire hand and deck into random Legendary minions
  • 45 new cards to collect by clearing missions and class challenges
  • More variable missions, perhaps foreshadowed by the recent "Mechazod" Tavern Brawl

The League of Explorers releases its first wing Thursday, and TechRaptor will be there to break down how the rapid release of this new adventure will shake up the game.

Quick Take

I'm happy HearthStone is dropping some new content so quickly. I believe they recognize that many see The Grand Tournament as a disappointment in its effect on the meta, with few viable cards and super-aggro strengthened. I'm hoping the new cards will do some work to stabilize the meta, and I've always been a sucker for absurd RNG so Elise Starseeker looks right up my alley.



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