New Civilization VI Spotlight Shows off Spain

Published: August 26, 2016 12:33 PM /


Civilization VI Spain

Firaxis Games have released a new spotlight for Civilization VI. This time around we get to know a little more about the Spanish civ led by Philip II.


The list of accomplishments for King Philip II is as long as it is impressive. During his time as the ruling Spanish monarch, Philip ruled lands extending far beyond the borders of his native Spain, stretching from Portugal to the landmass which is now known as the Netherlands. At one point he married Queen Mary I, who found time in between executing protestants to rule both England and Ireland. Philip's reign ushered in a golden age for Spain and during his life he was seen as an attractive and courteous man who loved arts and culture and who was devoutly Catholic. 

Spain's special ability is 'Treasure Fleet' and give their trade routes between separate continents extra yield. They are also capable of combining their naval units into fleets before other civs, giving them the opportunity to wrest control over the seas. 

Spain also gets the 'El Escorial' ability which gives their military units a bonus against civilizations following a religion different from yours. In addition to this, 'El Escorial' also gives Spain's inquisitors the ability to remove heresy from cities one extra time. 

The unique unit for Spain is the 'Conquistador'. This unit gets a significant bonus if they're on the same tile as a Spanish inquisitor, apostle or missionary. If a conquistador is next to a city tile when you take it, that city will automatically convert to the majority religion of your civ. 

Spain's unique tile improvement is the Mission, which provides you with faith. If you build it on a different continent than the one your capital is on it'll provide bonus faith, and also gives you more science per turn if you build it next to a campus. 


What do you think of the Spanish civ? Let us know in the comment section down below!



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