NBA 2K14 Fouls Players for Swearing

12/06/2013 - 09:00 | By: Jessica Valdez

Oh my, what a foul mouth you have, technical! It’s true, a 2K Sports rep has given Polygon confirmation that the Kinect and PlayStation camera will hand out a technical foul if they catch bad language. While swearing isn’t completely outlawed it does result in gamers being reprimanded when playing NBA 2K14.

This fresh mouthed frenzy is nothing new as NBA 2K13 would penalize players for swearing if their Kinect was switched on. Gamers are feeling the wrist slap come full force due to the Xbox One having the Kinect become a standard piece of the system versus an added option.

The profanity penalty stems from 2K Sports trying to craft a “civilized online environment.”  A thumbs up for creativity is in order but realistically this is not going to craft a more civilized environment anytime soon.



Warning: The video below contains obscene language


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