A Myst TV Series is being developed with a game tie-in

Published: October 8, 2014 4:52 PM /



A Myst TV series deal has been made between the game's creators Rand and Robyn Miller and Legendary Entertainment. Myst is the popular puzzle adventure series that has become a staple in many people's minds of the 90s. The creators will be working closely with Legendary Entertainment, who are no strangers to video game film/tv deals as they are currently working on the Warcraft and Mass Effect movies.

Rand and Robyn Miller want to use this opportunity as more than just creating a TV series, as it appears this may be an effort to revitalize the franchise. They want to "develop a true transmedia franchise that includes a companion video game and other platforms, particularly tablets, to expand plot points."

This isn't exactly a new idea as in the past the TV show/MMO Defiance did something similar.  Though, Rand and Robyn Miller seem to imply that they would like to have the other media aside from the TV show play a bigger role. From that quote above, it doesn't seem that playing the game will help to progress the show, but those interested in finding out more information will go to the other media related to the show, like apps, the video game, etc. The nature of the media outside of the TV show is unknown at the moment.

This is all still very much in the early stages as Legendary is not sure whether the TV show will be traditional or something online only. As of now, we only know that a deal has been made to make a TV show based on Myst that will likely be in the drama genre.

We all have to remember that this isn't the first time news like this has come out before. Myst was already planning to be made into a movie, but that never panned out. We'll all just have to wait and see what happens here as well.

Most people know that movies, and TV shows, based on video games have not been met with great reception in the past. However, Legendary seems to be taking the correct route in that they are working closely with the game creators, like they have been with Blizzard and the Warcraft movie. In the past that was not so much the case so there is hope for the future.

What do you think, will the Myst TV series be a bust or will people enjoy it?

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