Monthly Respawn & NG+

The Monthly Respawn and NG+

May 6, 2015 9:00 AM



Here at TechRaptor we believe in giving our audience what they want and, because nobody has told us otherwise, we think what they want is a monthly podcast focusing on guests and thoughts on the industry, and a weekly web show on our Twitch channel every Wednesday at 7PM CST, hosted by three of TechRaptor's best and brightest! 

Who are these people, you ask?




Dan Landuyt - We have no idea who Dan Landuyt is, but he sure is tenacious: After repeated attempts to have him removed from the premises when we found him living in the subbasement, and following several continually ignored legal injunctions against his presence, we gave up and offered him a show!

Tanis Pallagi - When we found Tanis rummaging through the onions in the produce section of a local grocery store and mumbling incoherently to herself, we knew she would be perfect for this program. Her hobbies include vocalizing strong opinions regarding onion quality, long periods of quiet staring, and asking if we will please let her go home.



Wyatt Hnatiw - In an ironic Tinsel Town twist, Wyatt was one of three babies used in the wacky switched-at-birth comedy "Oh My God, Are You Seriously Pregnant? We Can Barely Afford Rent Right Now" only to be handed off to the wrong mother after shooting wrapped. Subsequently, he was raised in a new age UFO cult in the wilds of New Mexico and came to TechRaptor as part of our "De-Programming for Programmers" campaign to turn cult members into code monkeys. Wyatt didn't take to it very well, so we put him in the room this show is being held in and forgot he was there. He is a co-host now, we guess!

NG+ kicks off TONIGHT on our Twitch channel at 7PM CST and will cover gaming news, discuss major stories in the gaming world, and play host to the thoughts of your three emcees on all things video games!



Later this month, be sure to tune in to the now Monthly Respawn podcast, where yours truly will interroga- er, that is, interview guests, pontificate about the nature of the gaming and tech industry with a panel of people more qualified than me to do so, and occasionally weep quietly during periods when our producers tell me that we aren't live, but we actually are.

See you there!