Minecraft Developer Mojang Donates 100,000 Dollars to charity: water

Published: April 29, 2019 2:59 PM /


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With the release of the free map The Traveling Trader for Minecraft, the game's developer Mojang celebrated the occasion by donating $10,000  to charity. In addition, the developer also promised to donate another $90,000 to the same charity if The Traveling Trader reached 100,000 downloads. This milestone was passed on April 26th, with Mojang announcing on their official Twitter that the goal of 100,000 downloads had been pass and they would, in fact, donate an additional $90,000  to charity: water.

The Traveling Trader is a free download created by Jigarbov Production that offers up a new map to explore, as well as two new llama skins to play with.  The new world found in the Traveling Trader sees players exploring the world, trading goods with NPCs, and helping to build a well to provide fresh, clean water to villagers. The map is available for download on the Minecraft Marketplace on most platforms including the Nintendo Switch, Windows, iOS, and Android. You can see more about the Traveling Trader below in the game's official trailer from the official Minecraft Youtube channel.


Minecraft is an open world building and survival game first released in 2011 for the PC. In it, players are dropped into a randomly generated world where they can do or build anything they want from the games variety of resources.  Since its release, Minecraft has sold over 154 million copies across all platforms and is the second best selling game of all time, only beaten by Tetris. It is coming up on its 10th anniversary later this month, but its creator Markus "Notch" Persson won't be invited to the event being held by Microsoft due to various comments the developer has made since selling Mojang to Microsoft.

charity: water is a charity operating out of New York City founded in 2006 that seeks to provide water and related facilitates to places in need. Their various projects to increase access to clean drinkable water including countries such as Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Malawi. According to their website, they have funded over 38,000 projects that have provided water to 9.6 million people across the globe.

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