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Microsoft Gamescom 2015 - windows 10

August 4, 2015

By: Don Parsons


After [email protected] had a lot of stage time showing off some great indie games, it was time for PC Gaming to hit the stage with Windows 10. They announced their that they have worked with various partners like AMD, Nvidia and various game companies including Epic and Square Enix.

After that they showed off Witch Cry again to show the power of DirectX 12 but that wasn't all. The big news though was the games DVR that they showed off that will work with Steam and various other games like League of Legends to make recording games easier than ever. They also went over the cross-buy and cross-play for upcoming games they release like Fable: Legends and Gigantic which will make XBox and PC gaming far more of an integrated experience.

The XBox Live experience on PC will also have cloud saves making, which mixed with all the XBox One games that will utilize it on PC may make it the upcoming competitor that Steam has lacked on the PC market.

Don Parsons
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