Microsoft Flight Simulator CH-47 Chinook Gets New Screenshots; Ramsar Airport Released

For your daily dose of Microsoft Flight Simulator News, the cockpit of the CH-47 Chinook helicopter (which also coming to Xbox) has been showcased in new screenshots, while Ramsar airport in Iran has been released.

Published: November 20, 2023 3:29 AM /


Microsoft Flight Simulator CH-47 Chinook cockput and a view of Ramsar Airport

Today third-party developers showcased new images of a legendary transport workhorse for Microsoft Flight Simulator, while a new airport has been released. 

We start with Militech Simulations, which provided an update about its upcoming CH-47 tandem-rotor helicopter

On top of the images, which you can watch below, we also get an extensive set of details including the confirmation that this transport workhorse will also come to Xbox on top of PC.

  • As promised, the CH47D will feature a fully detailed interior, exterior and cargo bay. Here's a sample of the final texturing detail - everything has been modeled and textured to the highest level of detail and sharpness possible. This level of quality and sharpness is consistent throughout. 
  • Cargo Loading capabilities: The CH47D includes fully modeled cargo loading capabilities, both in the inner cargo bay, as well as sling loaded in the exterior. Users will be able to load Humvees, Rhibs, Pallets, Troops, UAV Containers, and even a Blackhawk helicopter. Fully animated paratroopers are another thing we are currently considering to implement. 
  • Systems: Our CH47D is a comprehensive, yet practical rendition of the real counterpart. All essential systems have been modeled to a great degree of depth, though others (such as UHF, etc.) are "for display only" due to MSFS not supporting these systems.
  • As for NAV systems, an Aera-style portable GPS is included (can be hidden) for flight planning and "direct to" navigation. In fact, some operators of the CH47D use these kinds of GPS systems. 
  • A custom Advanced Flight Control System (AFCS) is also featured. Currently it works as a 2 degree-of-freedom autopilot (altitude and heading), but it may evolve into a more complex system prior to release. 
  • Sounds: This is a common question - YES, our CH47D will feature the iconic "blade slap". In fact, all sounds have been recorded from a real CH47. 
  • EFB: A tablet EFB is also included, and can be used to load the cargo onto the helicopter, map, and access the missions...
  • Missions: The Chinook will include a mission pack upon release, with anywhere between 8-12 predefined missions around the world. These missions will consist of carrying different loads from point A to B. All missions will start and end on custom-made sceneries (included with the helicopter). These may include earthquake relief areas, military compounds, UAV bases, moving ships, etc. 
  • Liveries: 15 liveries will be included from operators around the world.
  • Other variants?: We are focusing on the -D Variant for now. Though we are considering adding more modern -F Variant, the passenger variant, MH variant, etc. on a future expansion pack. 
  • PC/Xbox?: As usual, we'll release for PC first - since we can iterate more easily over the first few weeks of the product being out and don't have to pass the time-consuming Marketplace verification. Xbox will follow shortly after. 
  • ETA: No ETA at this time. The project is very advanced and we are now focusing on the "special features" - so it won't be long until it's out. 

We also get a release, and it's Ramsar International Airport (OINR) in Iran, serving the popular sea resort town on the coast of the Caspian Sea. 

It has been released by Fun of Flying and it's available on Simmarket for $14.59. 

You can see what it looks like in the trailer below.

It's worth mentioning once again that the popular Navigation suite provider Navigraph is currently hosting its annual Flight Simulation survey. It's a great way to get a snapshot of the Flight Simulation market, and f you want to contribute your opinion and insight, you can do so at their official site.

In the meanwhile, here on TechRaptor, we offer daily Microsoft Flight Simulator news, focusing on providing a bird's eye view of this flourishing industry that keeps producing tens of add-ons every month. 

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