Microsoft E3 2015 - ReCore World Premiere

June 15, 2015 1:50 PM



The first big announcement from the Microsoft briefing at E3 2015 is a new Xbox Exclusive from Keiji Inafune, titled ReCore.




The trailer is set in the desert featuring a woman and a robotic dog companion, after wandering through the wasteland they encounter a decommissioned robot and some robotic spider enemies, the fight ends with the dog sacrificing itself to save the woman. The dog leaves behind a core that the woman then slots into the robot, bringing it back to life. Combat appears to split between shooting, melee and gadgets, shown off with the grappling hook the protagonist uses in combat.

The visuals for ReCore are stark and striking with a cartoonish look to the protagonist and her companion. The final shot of the announcement trailer shows the protagonist with several different robotic companions, showing how the "core" mechanic will work by slotting your companion's core into a diverse range of bodies.



And here's the trailer for you!



TechRaptor will of course have all the updates on ReCore as they become available, keep it locked here for ReCore and all the updates from Microsoft at E3 2015.

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