Microsoft E3 2015 - Dark Souls 3

Published: June 15, 2015 3:16 PM /


dark souls 3 e3 2015 trailer

After some images were leaked, everyone assumed a Dark Souls 3 would be announced at E3 2015, and they were right. They didn't show off any gameplay, but below you will find the announcement trailer. It showed off some huge enemies, taking Dark Souls 3 to what looks like a more epic scale.

We also know that  Hidetaka Miyazaki is back to take the helm after many people thought Dark Souls 2 strayed a bit from the path started in the original Dark Souls. We can all safely assume that there will be more Dark Souls 3 news in the coming days.

dark souls e3 artwork

Dark Souls has become well-known for its atmosphere, and judging on the artwork above, and the others featured here, that will continue to be the case. None of us are sure what new additions will come to the gameplay, but we can all be fairly certain that the overwhelmingly depressing atmosphere that presses in on all sides will make a comeback in a big way.

Make sure to check out all of the below images as well. You'll find some neat artwork that further shows off what From Software wants their game to look like. Also, you'll find some in-game screenshots showing off what the game actually looks like right now. Obviously, some of that may change as we don't know how far Dark Souls 3 is from hitting the shelves, other than it is an early 2016 release.

Tell us about what you see below and about what you hope Dark Souls 3 changes or adds!

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