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Lost Lair Grindstone Update Out Free Today

July 9, 2021

By: Patrick Perrault


Capybara Games has announced that their puzzler has received the content-rich Grindstone Lost Lair update that comes with new levels and challenges. This Grindstone update takes place in an abandoned mine near the peak of Grindstone Mountain, and it's a place where Jorj and players explore once the main game has been completed. 

The update will bring a new weekly community challenge system where players can unlock cosmetics. It also introduces Döttie’s House, which is the home to Jorj's family. Players will be able to unlock silly and stylish hats that can then be mixed with any armor set in the game. The cosmetics will be exclusive to the week that they're released in, and they can only be unlocked by completing that week's challenge, which is a neat little incentive.

As for specifics, there will be 20 new levels in the Lost Lair update that will include new hazards such as TNT crates, molten-grindstone lava, and more. There's also a new mini-boss named Scävengr who is half-Jerk, half-Grindstone and will "challenge your strategies." The aforementioned rival is Jjary, and he'll also have a new encounter cinematic for players to watch.

There's also a physical copy of the game that's coming for the Nintendo Switch. There's also a custom double LP with the game's soundtrack from Sam Webster that's also available here. Interestingly, the game is available for $34.99 while the LP will cost more at $39.99. The Switch game will come with what is apparently the world's first reversible coloring sheet and a 6-crayon set, which is pretty strange but so's the game, I guess.


For those wanting to check the game out, Grindstone is available for players on the Nintendo Switch, Epic Games Store, and Apple Arcade across iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV. 

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