The Living Dungeon Brings Tabletop to PC

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The Living Dungeon

The Living Dungeon is the first game from indie developers Radiation Burn. The game is a tabletop-like experience that is now available on Steam. Players will have to use their brains and skills to battle enemies and delve dungeons in this unique gaming experience.

Simulating a table-top gaming session, The Living Dungeon can accommodate up to 9 players in a game. Solo players can enjoy a story campaign with 30 hours of content.

Radiation Burn has created an in-depth gaming system unique to The Living Dungeon. Players will get 5 actions per turn, however, they will only have 2 minutes to decide what to do with all those actions. Analysis paralysis is not an option for The Living Dungeon players putting pressure on adventurers and keeping the turns flowing from player to player.

Speed and smarts will help players go far in The Living Dungeon. One rushed action can lead to some bad choices which can quickly turn fatal; there are many ways to die in The Living Dungeon.

The Living Dungeon
Radiation Burn

In addition to the epic story mode campaign The Living Dungeon  has four different multiplayer modes. Multiplayer modes include Assassination, Head Hunter, Random Assassination and Escape mode. Every dungeon is created randomly so there is a lot of replay value in The Living Dungeon.

In multiplayer mode players will have the ability to switch their characters into AI mode. This allows players to drop out of a game mid-way through without disrupting everyone else's fun. Players will even have the option of controlling the dungeon while others are crawling through it in The Living Dungeon.

There are two styles to play The Living Dungeon in, a menacing dungeon to fight through or a friendlier board game style tavern setting. Also available for the game is DLC "The Living Dungeon: Unearthed" to add more content to this unique game. This DLC is an Ebook which explores events in the world 20 years prior to the main story.

The Living Dungeon
Play in a more laid back board game tavern setting.
Radiation Burn

The Living Dungeon is available on Steam for $24.99. It is currently on sale for $18.74. The game will be coming to Xbox in the near future.


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