Let Them Come Blasts Onto iOS and Android Devices

Published: January 9, 2018 2:00 PM /


Let Them Come Review Boss

Rock Gunar is expanding his interstellar adventures to the portable realm. After a launch on consoles and PC late in 2017, Let Them Come has launched to iOS and Android devices. This single screen alien shoot-'em-up is well suited for the mobile realm, featuring short levels and a control scheme that can easily be adjusted to a point and shoot style. The rocking synth soundtrack will make you want to strap into your headphones, but there's nothing else that would stop you from enjoying Tuatara Games' debut release as you wait for a bus or ignore your significant other.


If you haven't seen Let Them Come before, the setup is pretty familiar. You're a lone soldier trapped on a space station with nothing but a boombox and a machine gun. The alien hordes are coming, so you'll need to stock up on all manner of ammo types and grenades and blast them away as you work through the station to some sort of safety. This excerpt from our review will let you know why tearing into aliens on the go is more than a one-note concept.

There’s a strategic layer to the whole experience that reminds me more of a fast-paced clicker than a shooter. You have to pay attention to the floors and ceilings for small buggers. You have to measure when to use each of your tools for maximum efficiency. Your machine gun overheats if you lean on the trigger too hard. All the special toys you spent so much money on eventually run out of uses. Stocking up on new supplies requires new currency, and that only comes from using bullets you bought an hour ago to rip through some fodder.
Let Them Come is out now on Android and iOS for $2 and includes microtransactions. If you'd rather not deal with that, the game is still available on PC via Steam for $5 and on Xbox One and PS4 for $8.

Have you tried Let Them Come, or are you waiting for the inevitable Switch version? Are there any PC games on mobile that you've enjoyed on the go? Let us know in the comments below!


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