Leaked Assassin's Creed 5 game screens take us to Paris

Published: March 19, 2014 4:28 PM /


AC5 Screen Leak Kotaku Featured

We've been hearing that Ubisoft has two potential Assassin's Creed games in development, which have been codenamed "Unity" and "Comet", and based on some images that were leaked to Kotaku - at least one of them is sent in 18th century Paris! These two games are claimed to be releasing later this year. Could this be news of Assassin's Creed 5?

From all the reports that can be found, "Unity" will be releasing on PS4 and Xbox One, with "Comet" to release on Xbox 360 and PS3. We can only speculate that the games will overlap in terms of plot and gameplay, or at least be somehow related, but there's no proof to support that.

AC5 Screen Leak Kotaku

As Kotaku points out in their article, you can see the Seine River as well as Notre Dame, landmarks that are found in Paris. There's also pictures of the new male protagonist, wielding a sword and pistol. This is following a rumor uncovered by the Examiner where it was said that "Unity" will take place during the French Revolution. That particular report, which coincides with what Kotaku has heard, also states that their is a potential for four player co-op instead of competitive multiplayer.

If you've played Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, then you likely read the "Fake" internal email that could be found within the game, which showcased a discussion on various potential future settings, namely the French Revolution. Ubisoft has said not to be too convinced by these, however, then offering that the new game will feature open world multiplayer.

AC Unity Image

These screenshots give us a good idea where our beloved franchise is heading, but without comment from Ubisoft, there's no way to tell for sure! If the game is indeed set to release this year...we will definitely be hearing more soon! Check out Kotaku's article, but it's worth noting that these are early screenshots of an game that is still in progress.

What are your thoughts on this development? Are you excited to potentially meet the great Napoleon?

Source: Kotaku


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