Satirical British Construction Sim Landlord's Super Leaves Early Access Later This Month

Published: May 5, 2023 11:06 AM /


The player staring at a plate of fish and chips while a bartender looks on in Landlord's Super

Gaming can take you to some truly incredible places. You can fight aliens on Mars, battle skeletons in the deepest caverns of a fantasy realm, or, erm, become a landlord in a run-down, satirical vision of 1980s Britain presided over by Maggie Thatcher. That's what Landlord's Super is all about, anyway, and it's exiting Early Access on May 25th.

In Landlord's Super, you play a wannabe landlord trying to make their way in 80s Britain. If you're unfamiliar with British history in this period, as a Brit myself, I can tell you that Landlord's Super is an absolutely 100% accurate depiction of what life was like back then (I think). You can check out the announcement trailer for the game's 1.0 release right here.


Landlord's Super will let you live out whatever fantasies of British life you've ever entertained. Drink pints! Eat fish and chips! Try to find a job in Thatcher's Britain! Spend time in dreary, run-down pubs! There's pretty much nothing you can't do in the game, because as developer Minskworks says, "good things come to those who graft".

In all seriousness (for what other lens is there to see Thatcher's Britain through?), Landlord's Super is a first-person life sim in which you buy properties and try to make a profit on them. You can buy supplies, use them to renovate properties, then sell them to the highest bidder, and you'll be able to interact with a cast of quirky, quintessentially British characters, too. If you're worried about being alienated by the UK slang on offer, don't worry; the game has also been "localized in both American English and British colloquialisms", as surreal as it might be to see 80s Brits using American slang.

You can check out Landlord's Super on PC right now via Steam Early Access. The game is launching in full on May 25th. Got some rage to work off after spending some time in this bleak vision of Thatcher's Britain? Make sure you take a look at Thatcher's Techbase, an irreverent Doom mod that should give you the catharsis you so desperately crave.



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