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La-Mulana 2 Coming to Consoles Next Spring

September 3, 2018

By: Kyle Johnson

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AGM Playism
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July 30,2018 (Calendar)
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As announced at PAX West 2018, Nigoro and Playism will be bringing La-Mulana 2 to Xbox One, PS4 and Switch sometime in "Spring 2019." The information was corroborated by a Steam announcement. The original Kickstarter campaign for La-Mulana 2 included potential console versions as a stretch goal but never reached its targets. Still, it seems that because of the success of La-Mulana 2 so far, publisher Playism has decided to proceed with a set of console versions regardless. Already natively playable with a controller, La-Mulana 2 will be the first time either of the La-Mulana games has appeared on a non-Nintendo home console. We'll be able to dive into the depths of La-Mulana 2's ruins on consoles next spring.


Fashioned as a sequel to the first La-Mulana, you play as Lumisa Kosugi, daughter of Lemeza Kosugi, the protagonist of the first game. When investigating the La-Mulana ruins, she is repeatedly attacked by monsters. Lumisa tracks the sudden appearance of the monster to the newly discovered Eg-Lana ruins, where she must brave the traps and puzzles of the ruins in order to uncover the mystery behind the ruins.

Packing in-depth exploration with some seriously tough puzzles, the remade La-Mulana was lauded for its difficulty, vast sense of exploration, and a return to old-school gaming's roots. Initially designed to look like old adventure games, it was released in 2005 for Japanese computers, and remade in a more modern style in 2012. Prioritizing tricky riddles and relying on players' keen eyes was certainly a gamble, but it still managed to enrapture gamers all around the world. Not quite a "Metroidvania," La-Mulana was popular enough to warrant a sequel, something Nigoro has delivered in spades. Nigoro toned down the head-scratching riddles and added some quality-of-life changes for La-Mulana 2, including revamping the menu and inventory systems. We'll be able to delve deeper into Eg-Lana's depths when La-Mulana 2 arrives on console next year.

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