Knight Vs. Giant: The Broken Excalibur Release Date Revealed For October

Published: September 14, 2023 8:37 AM /


Key art for Knight vs. Giant: The Broken Excalibur, depicting the main character wielding a broken blade

PQube and developer Gambir Studio have revealed the Knight vs. Giant: The Broken Excalibur release date.

The Arthurian roguelite, which was originally announced in February this year, lands on PC and current-gen consoles (including Nintendo Switch) on October 5th.

Perhaps somewhat unusually for an indie roguelite, it also won't have an Early Access launch, so you'll be able to check the full game out next month.

A new gameplay trailer was also released to commemorate the release date announcement, and it shows off some of the frantic hack-and-slash action you can expect from Knight vs. Giant: The Broken Excalibur.

In the trailer, we see Arthur battling giant bosses, fighting off hordes of enemies, and meeting figures from Arthurian legend like Morgana and Sir Bedivere.

As you've probably guessed, Knight vs. Giant has a strong focus on Arthurian myth. It'll give you the chance not only to meet the aforementioned characters, but also to wield legendary weapons like Lancelot's Arondight.

You'll be adventuring through three different zones: Brochalant Forest, Sarrache Desert, and Suidhe Volcano. Each will present different challenges, so you'll have to be on your A-game to win the day.

Your goal across Knight vs. Giant's campaign is to restore Camelot to its former glory, and in pursuit of that goal, you'll be able to "call upon the talents of your citizens", as well as upgrading Arthur to face whatever challenges are thrown his way.

If you like roguelite adventures like Skul: The Hero Slayer and Children of Morta, then you'll almost certainly get a kick out of this medieval saga.

Knight vs. Giant: The Broken Excalibur launches for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch on October 5th. A free demo is also currently available on the game's Steam page if you want to try it out.


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