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Published: December 8, 2018 4:40 PM /


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The Kinda Funny Games Showcase had a ton of trailers for small indie games, but perhaps the most ambitious spot was a live-action trailer for the currently on KickStarter game, Adams Ascending.

Developed by singular developer Nick DePalo, a seven year veteran of the film industry, Adams Ascending is a sci-fi story driven game focused on both exploration and gameplay choice to determine how games story unfolds. The game stars the interstellar explorer Adam, who crash landed on a different dimension, with no way home. Adam must not only survive, but his actions can potential save the world, as revelations on the true purpose of humanity are explored in his search to finding a way home.

Adam must navigate both physical and spiritual threats in this dimension, as he explores three distinct environments, with the center of the dimension a large structure supposedly containing the secrets of humanity.  One of the more unique gameplay aspects will be the path players choose for Adam, specifically whether or not they focus on physical abilities and handmade weapons, or manifest supernatural powers that must be unlocked by defeating certain enemies. Both choices are just one aspect to Adam Ascending's attempt at immersive storytelling, with the final outcome of the game being different depending on the path you choose.

This focus on choice is summed up as a choice between tangible vs intangible gameplay. DePalo notes that those who go for a more practical experience, using weapons and brute force to survive the world, will face a harder difficulty than those who look inward, attempting to solve puzzles and battle scenarios with more spiritual reflection. Adams Ascending will feature numerous handcrafted puzzles and enemies to tackle, any of which must be solved not by precise problem solving, but instead by "taking a leap of faith." Levels will also see players disrupt the laws of physics, with powers such as water walking, raising the dead, and manipulating the physical world with powerful emotions such as hope, love, fear and hate.

DePalo has been working on Adams Ascending for over 3 years part time, and admits the game is about 50% complete in it's current pre-alpha stage. While he is still working on some of the core mechanics and boss battles, all of the games stages are in a playable form, and DePalo is hoping that Kickstarter will help him in not only funding the game, but bringing it closer to completion.

DePalo hopes to release Adams Ascending in 2020 on Steam and the Epic Games Store. He also hopes to release it on consoles, but that depends on how much the funding the game achieves. Currently, DePalo is looking for a $35,000 KickStarter goal to hire on a second developer and artists through this Kickstarter, with unannounced stretch goals promised if the game gains traction.

Look for more information on Adams Ascending in the future.

What do you think of Adams Ascending? Are you intrigued by the premise? Will DePalo reach his goals? Leave your comments below. 

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