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Many bundles offer up several games for a reasonable price. has introduced A Good Bundle, a bundle that you can grab for either $2, $8, or $20 that offers up 151 things for you to grab. Things is really the best descriptive term here as, while most of the bundle is video games, there's also some music, some demos, and even a single font pack in the mix. The bundle's purpose is for charity, with 100% of the proceeds being split 50-50 between Planned Parenthood and the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).

As for what's in the bundle, I don't want to list everything available because that would probably kill me, but here's a quick overview. The $2 tier is where most of the stuff is. There are some games here, most of them being short passion projects or the results of a gamejam. Here you'll find games like Steal my Artificial HeartSlam City Oracles, and Alien Construction Skills. Oddly enough there's also a few games that you can play for free, such as This is Fine, and Dr. Langeskov, the Tiger, and the Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist. There's also some music, like Space Crew EP by Alfredofreak, and Resist EP by Jay M. Fernandes. There's also assets to help you build your own card games, a font pack, and some other crazy stuff.

The $8 tier has mostly games in it, higher in quality from the $2 tier, though still bordering on the unknown. Of the bunch, the only one I was able to immediately recognize was turn-based RPG/roguelite Social Justice Warriors. Other interesting looking games in this tier include multiplayer FPS Arms of Telos, heroic life simulator and roguelite Hero Generations, competitive SHMUP Crystal Control II, and experimental flying game Fragile Soft Machines. While this tier has more games in it, it does have its share of other stuff. For example, one of the things included in this tier is a comic called Monster Pub - Trivia Night by Alex Ilitchev.

Finally we get the $20 tier, which has the most games I've actually heard of and some indie games that have received praise from various places. Games like Gone Home, Read Only Memories, Four Sided Fantasy (which we actually reviewed), and We Are Doomed. It does have its fair share of more obscure games as well, like puzzle game A Good Snowman is Hard to Build and school management game No Pineapple Left Behind. It also has its share of other stuff as well, including visualizers like Oldskooler and illustrious and Unreal Engine 4 asset kit CRTify.

Overall it really is a bundle of stuff with a focus on games. If just random stuff and a few good games interest you then's A Good Bundle may be up your alley. Just make sure you grab it before the deal ends in one week.

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