Islanders Update Adds Sandbox Mode, Extended Support, And More

Published: June 20, 2019 10:40 AM /


islanders sandbox mode

A new update has been released for minimalist strategy game Islanders. The update adds a new mode, extended support, and plenty more.

First, Grizzly Games has added a new Sandbox mode to the game. The Sandbox mode removes all building placement restrictions and grants you access to the full range of buildings. The dev says it's looking forward to seeing what the community comes up with. If you want to show off your creations, you can do so on the Islanders Steam discussions page. To unlock Sandbox mode, all you need to do is press the New Game button after finishing at least one high-score game.


That's not all the new Islanders update brings. The game now has MacOS and Linux support. Grizzly Games says it's new to working on these platforms, so players should let the studio know if anything goes wrong. There's also a new Undo feature which will allow you to rewind your last building placement. It's mapped to the Z key. If you lose or open a new building pack, you'll also lose access to the Undo function. The Save/Load system has been reworked, which should hopefully squash "floating stuff" bugs and Islanders' endgame has been rebalanced.

Grizzly Games says it's "slowly approaching the point" where everything it wanted to include in Islanders has been included. The studio says this latest update has crossed most of its remaining plans for the game off, meaning it can now move on to new games. This doesn't mean the end of Islanders - Grizzly says there's still some stuff left to do - but the studio wants to move on to new projects. Here's looking forward to the next Grizzly Games title.

You can get Islanders on PC via Steam right now. To help you decide, check out TechRaptor's review.

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