An Indie (Ziggurat) and some News - 7/30/15

Published: July 31, 2015 12:32 PM /



The debut of a new series here on TechRaptor began yesterday and we're writing up the short companion piece to go along with it! In An Indie and Some News Shaun Joy takes a look at an indie game that's caught his attention some and shares some of the lower profile news here that we haven't necessarily gotten around to on TechRaptor. There's always more news than we can cover so with this Shaun can take a few minutes and touch on it while showing off the game play of a game and talk about it.

In Ziggurat's case the game had received a major update recently and Shaun took the time to discuss that while explaining some of the basic game mechanics that make it work and stand out. Interspersed with this is some discussion of news such as the announcement of Endless Space 2 by Amplitude Studios a new 4x from that very busy studio. He commented a bit on the new PS Plus games that are coming in August to everyone, though we might still get a belated post up on that with a pretty solid line up there with games like Limbo being handed out for free. Nothing like Rocket League making an explosive entrance last month but a good line up for those subscribed to the service.

We also received word of Wasteland 2's release date for the Director's Cut, which will update a whole lot of features for the game, polish it up and take it to console. Not that PC users should worry, as they'll get it for free as an update on October 13th as well. Terraria is also finally getting something of a release window for when it will hit Nintendo systems, and that will be early 2016. Although if you are Gamescon because you're in Europe you can play it next weekend and see how it adapts to the new systems. Last but not least, Prison Architect has gone from 'sometime this year' to October on its release date, and has added a lot of new features with the newest alpha update including gang leaders

Enough of me writing, here listen to Shaun:


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