'I, The Inquistor' Details a Post-Apocalyptic World

Published: September 28, 2020 1:44 PM /


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New I, The Inquisitor details were revealed by Polish game developer The Dust, confirming that Mordimer Madderin will be the main character in this adaptation of Jacek Piekara's fantasy series.

I, The Inquisitor is an upcoming game from The Dust that seeks to adapt Jacek Piekara's Inquisitor series. Much like the recently-announced sci-fi game The Invincible, this new game seeks to replicate the success of The Witcher with a formula that's been proven to work: bring a great literary work into the world of video games.

If you haven't heard of The Inquisitor franchise, that's not a big surprise — this book series has not yet been translated into English from its native Polish. As noted on TV Tropes, it tells the tale of an alternate world where Jesus Christ didn't die on the cross; rather, he became a warlord who conquered the Roman Empire and charged The Inquisitors with ruling the world. Now, this intriguing story is being used to fuel the creation of a new game.

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What Are the New I, The Inquisitor Details?

Arguably, the most important I, The Inquisitor details concern the main character. Mordimer Madderin is a new Inquisitor in the book series and he will also be serving as the protagonist of the game according to a press release.

As with The Witcher, The Dust has a challenge: it needs to balance player's expectations of the character based on what they know with the books alongside an element of player choice. I, The Inquisitor will be a heavily story-driven game, so this is something that it's keen on getting right.

The Dust lightly touched on the game's "emotions system," although it didn't go too much into details. Based on what we've seen in other games, this may be similar to the psychology system we've seen in L.A. Noire — or it could be something entirely different.

For now, The Dust has stated that the core story of I, The Inquisitor is finished. Right now, the team of 25 is working on fleshing out the dialogue of this title as it moves towards release. Unfortunately, we don't yet know when it's going to launch or what platforms The Dust is targeting. For now, you can keep up with the game's development on the developer's Facebook page.

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