Humble Trove Adds DRM-Free Game Library to Humble Monthly

Published: June 21, 2017 9:20 AM /


Humble Trove Header

Humble have joined Xbox and EA in offering an all you can play subscription service. Starting today, Humble Monthly subscribers have access to the Humble Trove, which is a collection of DRM-Free game downloads. The collection is currently comprised mostly of the Humble Originals that have been included with each month's offering since the program's inception. Among the outside inclusions are retro platformer Volgarr the Viking, co-op puzzler Trine and the mecha combat in space action of Strike Suit Zero.

A full list of the initial Humble Trove games is included below. It wasn't initially revealed how often the lineup would be updating, but Humble did state that subscribers would have access to the downloads as long as their subscription was current, up to and including one-month gift subscriptions

  • Strike Suit Zero
  • Dustforce DX
  • Volgarr the Viking
  • Starseed Pilgrim
  • Shelter
  • Trine 1 Enhanced
  • Cat Girl Without Salad
  • Disc Room
  • Copoka
  • Elephant In The Room
  • Gunmetal Arcadia Zero
  • Spoolside
  • Keyboard Sports
  • Yojimbrawl
  • Kimmy
  • Oh, Deer! Enhanced
  • Uurnog
  • Jawns
  • A2Be - A Science Fiction Narrative

Quick Take

Initially, this is clearly a simple solution to the problem of availability for Humble Originals. Since the games were kept secret and included in an exclusive monthly bundle, it was easy to miss them. Now, any and all subscribers will be able to sample these projects.

I have hope that this is the start of something bigger. It's no secret that a successful "Netflix for games" could be huge for the industry, and Humble is in a position to take advantage of that fact. Add in a consistent stream of new games to the Humble Trove and a client to launch them from and Humble goes from a humble storefront to a service that could at least make a dent in Steam's dominance. Even if that's not the initial intent here, it'd be foolish to not consider the possibilities, and I'll be keeping a close eye on the Humble Trove in the months to come.

Are you a Humble Monthly subscriber? Do you see the value in an all you can play indie games service? Let us know in the comments below!


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