Hollow Home Is A Disco Elysium-Inspired Narrative RPG About The Ukraine War

Published: August 17, 2023 8:50 AM /


14-year-old boy Maxym weeping and surrounded by shadowy figures in the key art for the Ukraine war-inspired RPG Hollow Home

Developer Twigames has unveiled Hollow Home, an isometric narrative RPG about life during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Kyiv-based studio says its game is inspired by Disco Elysium and This War of Mine, focusing as it does on a young boy who wakes one day to find that the Russian army has invaded his home.

Hollow Home won't have any combat, and it's not a violent game either; Twigames says it's aiming to focus on "the impact of war, not the graphic details".

You'll make your way through the story largely through "dialogue and branching questlines", much in the same way as you do in Disco Elysium, and the game takes on a similar perspective to that vaunted RPG as well.

You'll be able to explore three districts of your city, but as time goes on, the city will change, with certain districts becoming inaccessible due to shelling or occupation.

Chillingly, Twigames says that you may meet some survivors in an area of the city one day, but in the next, "there are only ghosts in their place".

You'll also learn survival skills like cooking, medicine, and crafting in order to keep yourself alive and try to help those you come across.

Hollow Home takes place across 30 in-game days, and you'll have a limited number of action points each day, so you'll have to choose what you want to do carefully in order to maximize your time.

Like the rest of the world, the gaming industry has changed significantly since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began in February last year.

Ukrainian developers like Twigames, as well as Ukraine War Stories developer Starni Games, have created games that attempt to tell some of the stories of the invasion and its survivors.

In addition, Ukrainian studios like FrogwaresMetro Exodus developer 4A Games, and Stalker 2 studio GSC Game World have continued to work on projects despite being directly impacted by the invasion.

Hollow Home doesn't have a release date yet, but you can keep up with its progress right here on Steam.


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