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Published: August 21, 2015 11:30 AM /


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The latest Heroes of the Storm update released a few days ago, adding Kharazim, the Monk from Diablo 3, as its new hero. Recently, it was discovered that the update also added an Easter egg to the title screen.


Duck Hunt has come to Heroes of the Storm for some reason. To see the Easter egg for yourself, all you need to do is click the trees in the background to send a duck flying out. From there, its up to you to end the menace. Be careful, your ammo is limited and the duck and, as you can see from the video above, the duck is incredibly difficult to hit so be careful!

The Easter egg is obviously the most important aspect of the update, along with Kharazim of course, but this update added a few more things as well. Along with the normal balancing changes, art updates, visual improvements, and more, this updated added some nice UI changes as well.

Some new options have been added to Player Reporting that most will enjoy: Abusive Chat, AFK/Non-Participation, and Intentional Feeding. More specific, and common, behavior will help players decide what to report for if they need to and help identify those with issues to Blizzard easier.

Ranked Play is all in one place now as well. Hero and Team League are no longer in separate menus and ranks have been reset as of this update—not matchmaking rankings, though. Also, Hero League is limited to a maximum of four players in a party, and five-player parties will automatically be queued for Team League when looking for a ranked match—Team League and Hero League still use separate ratings.

Another thing worthy of note is that ability to name a team has been removed while it goes under review. If you used gold to create a named team, you should have that gold refunded soon.

Finally, the Versus A.I. menu now includes options to play A.I. at different difficulties: Beginner, Recruit, Adept, Veteran, and Elite. As of now, Elite is not yet complete and slated for release in a future update. For more details on how this will work with matchmaking, check out the notes.

There are plenty of more fixes in there, including changes to abilities, so go check them out!

What do you think of the Duck Hunt Easter egg? 

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