Halo CE Pistol Returns to Halo 5 In Hammer Storm Update

Published: February 23, 2016 9:50 PM /


Halo 5 CE Pistol

Halo 5: Guardians is getting its next big content update in just a few days, and it includes the one thing that some Halo fans have wanted back since Halo 2 first graced an Xbox. The legendary 3 shot Halo CE pistol from Halo: Combat Evolved will be officially reintroduced to Halo in the Hammer Storm update, joining the Gravity Hammer, SPNKR Rocket Launcher, and Halo 2 Battle Rifle as classic weapons that have been reintroduced faithfully into the new game.

The weapon was shown off on 343's Hammer Storm reveal stream over on their Twitch channel, and it features everything you remember from the days of Hang 'em High. The weapon kills with three headshots and features a 2x zoom, recreating the classic gameplay that launched a thousand LAN parties. The graphics and sounds have been recreated, with the same low-poly model as the original. The melee animation has been duplicated, meaning that you'll be flipping your pistol into your foe's skulls and back whacking your teammates. Even the death animation has been altered, bringing back corpses that spin in place when taken down by this mythic hand cannon.


At launch, the Halo CE Pistol will only be available in matchmaking in Warzone as a Mythic REQ, meaning that it will be an extremely rare drop in the game's microtransaction booster pack system. However, just like the previously added classic weapons, it will also be usable in Arena and Forge, allowing for future inclusion in custom game modes. Players will be able to load up a map in Forge and spawn with the gun to play around with it immediately once the update hits.

As previously reported, Hammer Storm will also be featuring three new game modes for Arena, namely Assault, Griffball, and Fiesta Slayer. It is expected to go live before the end of the week, alongside a Social Assault playlist that will allow players to experience the new gametype to their heart's content.

Quick Take

What can I say? Halo: Combat Evolved is easily one of my favorite games of all time. Spending every night of my high school life on a couch in a gaming center playing sixteen player Halo FFAs was fundamental to me as I became the passionate gaming enthusiast that I am today. If 343 truly has captured the magic of Combat Evolved on top of all the other great gameplay decisions they've made with Guardians, then I can truly say that it might just be the greatest Halo game of all time.


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