Hacker Game Tech Support: Error Unknown Gets Endless And Zen Modes

Published: May 6, 2019 12:34 PM /


tech support: error unknown

Tech Support: Error Unknown has received two new gameplay modes. Both modes are available for free to those who own the game on Steam.

Endless Challenge mode invites players to battle for supremacy on Tech Support: Error Unknown's online leaderboards. There are 3 different challenges, each of which has 2 levels of difficulty. The Speed challenge asks players to complete as many tickets as possible within 10 minutes. The Time challenge sets a money target for players to earn as quickly as they can. Finally, the Perfection challenge wants a perfect run from players and will end once a mistake is made. If all that sounds a bit stressful, you can enjoy Zen mode instead. As one might expect, Zen mode removes the risk of job loss from Tech Support: Error Unknown. Players can complete as many tickets as they like without the fear of losing their job.

Both of these modes have been added to Tech Support: Error Unknown for free and can be unlocked in two ways. If players reach one of the game's main endings, both Endless Challenge and Zen modes will automatically be unlocked. If you've already completed the game, you'll have these modes unlocked already. Alternately, when booting up Tech Support: Error Unknown, players can unlock the new modes via the BIOS menu option. Developer Dragon Slumber says players "may also uncover additional secrets" in this menu. Happy hunting!

Tech Support: Error Unknown is a puzzle-adventure game in which players control a new tech support specialist. While using software to solve customer issues, players happen upon a hidden conflict between their employers and a rogue hacktivist group. It's sort of like Papers, Please if Arstotzka updated its passport-checking systems. If you haven't played it, Tech Support: Error Unknown will be on sale for 25% off between May 6th and May 13th.

Will you be checking out the new modes in Tech Support: Error Unknown? Let us know in the comments below!

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