Google Stadia Demo Room Removed From NYC Google Store

Published: August 3, 2022 1:28 PM /


Google Stadia Header - logo image, Google Stadia Demo Room

Google Stadia and its continued lifespan have been a topic of discussion as of late, and it has just come to light that the Google Stadia demo room located inside the brick-and-mortar Chelsea, New York location has officially been removed. 

9to5Google has confirmed that the experience room was no longer available upon visiting the location, which struck them as odd due to the fact that it was still in service as of at least late June 2022. They noted that the room was replaced by another experience room called "Pixel Buds Pro", which means the store currently has three total experiences available including a Nest experience and a Pixel Smartphone room.


The Google Stadia Demo room was a place for gamers and patrons to check out what Stadia had to offer before diving head first into the service. It was a hands-on way to experience exactly what to expect from the platform, as well as a fun and interactive way to show the product itself off. The room was equipped with Stadia controllers and even Chromecast Ultra to show potential users how diverse the platform is.

Though it is a little odd that the room would be removed so suddenly after the Google Stadia shutdown rumor surfaced via Twitter. Though Google has since shot that rumor down completely, it does make one wonder if this is the start of them taking Stadia away from the market. More so, it would not be the first time that Google has killed off a service that many users enjoy. There is an entire website solely dedicated to showing applications and platforms Google has killed off over the years. 

While we are unsure exactly as to why they decided to remove the Stadia experience room from the NYC location, it may just be because they want to add in different experiences for patrons to try out while they shop around. Shifting and adding in new experiences as they are created may just be a marketing tactic and a way to keep things fresh and exciting for potential buyers.



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