Google GDC 2019 – Crowd Play and State Share Coming to Stadia Platform

Published: March 19, 2019 2:59 PM /


stadia crowdplay

Today at Google's GDC 2019 conference, the company announced some new features for streamers that allow for greater interactivity with their audience.

Called Crowd Play and State Share, streamers will have full control over these options. Enabling Crowd Play allows for viewers to directly jump into the games of their favorite YouTube content creators' streams. There is a queue that you viewers can join and directly interact and play with the streamer. As mentioned, this can be enabled or disabled by the creator.

State Share is another feature. It essentially allows players to jump into a game moment a streamer has saved. Hypothetically, a streamer could create challenges for their viewers to play and experience for themselves. Anyone can create a State Share, so this is not restricted to just streamers, but content creators was emphasized in the announcement. You can find out more on this feature and how it can be used by developers here.

Stay tuned for more Stadia news from Google’s GDC 2019 conference.

Quick Take

This feature is quite interesting but has potential to be heavily abused. Of course, there are times when I would like to jump in and play with my favorite streamers. I would behave myself, but this is the internet. I can just imagine how easily this feature could be abused. A bunch of trolls would be able to jump in and ruin a stream very easily. Still, it's nice to have the option available, and the State Share feature definitely seems like an innovative and fun feature.
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