GDC Summer 2020 cover

The postponement of GDC threw a wrench in the plans game developers around the world. Now, the Game Developers Conference has announced GDC Summer, a brand-new "unique" experience that blends the old

GDC Cancelled

Game Developer’s Conference, also known as GDC, is annually one of the San Francisco area’s biggest conventions. However, after a slew of developer and publisher cancellations due to the looming

GameDev.World Fundraiser

With the just-announced news of the cancellation of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) GameDev.World has announced plans for a week-long public fundraiser in order to help the GDC Relief Fund and

Coronavirus gaming conventions canceled controller cover

The COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus has been slowing down travel and leading to the cancellation of events and the gaming world is no different. Coronavirus gaming convention cancellations and game delays

sinking city epic games store

The Epic Games store has announced a string of exclusives coming to their platform at GDC this year, including massive titles like Obsidian's The Outer Worlds and a collection of games from developer

stadia crowdplay

Today at Google's GDC 2019 conference, the company announced some new features for streamers that allow for greater interactivity with their audience. Called Crowd Play and State Share, streamers

stadia controller

The Stadia Controller accompanies Google's newest game streaming platform, Stadia. Announced at Google's GDC 2019, this controller is fine-tuned for Stadia and even includes two new buttons. Google


At GDC 2019, Google held its own press conference focused on gaming. In it, they revealed a new platform called Stadia, tapping into humanity's history of building stadiums to play and watch games.

jade raymond google

Jade Raymond, the former producer for major gaming publishers such as Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, has joined Google. Raymond announced on twitter yesterday that she will be joining Google as a "VP