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Published: May 30, 2019 3:00 AM /


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Today, GOG.com announced their Summer Sale Festival, which will feature game collections, flash deals, and discounts up to 90 percent off.

GOG is also offering Obduction, a sci-fi adventure puzzle game by the developers of Myst, is available for free for 48 hours until June 1st, 1 PM UTC.

GOG's main gimmick for this sale is that they want to give gamers a "full festival experience without leaving their computers." To do this, they have a few game collections with some funky names:

Arctic Mages with The Banner Saga trilogy for $27.99. This bundle contains three solid to fantastic turn-based strategy games where the player has to make difficult choices in a apocalyptic world.

Mechanical Brothers with Into the Breach, Hob, and >observer_ for $20. Into the Breach is a turn-based puzzle game where the remnants of civilization fight off an alien threat. Hob is an action-adventure title, with the players following a wordless narrative as they have to try and save the world. >observer_ is a first-person adventure-horror title where the player has to hack into unstable criminals and victims to search for clues.

Alien Plant Farm with Stellaris, Surviving Mars, and Aven Colony for $20. Stellaris is a 4X strategy title from Paradox Development Studio, where the player will have to try and conquer the stars against a wide variety of foes. Surviving Mars is a city builder strategy title where the player has to try to ensure that humanity's first human colonies on Mars will survive. Aven Colony is a city builder strategy title where players will build humanity's first extrasolar settlement on an alien world and try to survive.

The Scary Family with Mafia trilogy for $15$. The Mafia trilogy are a trio of third-person action-adventure titles where the player slowly rises through the ranks of three era-separate Mafia's.

Masters of Bullets with Soldier of Fortune trilogy for $15. One of the most infamous entries in the FPS genre, the bombastically bloody Soldier of Fortune trilogy has the player conducting covert missions all over the world.

The Indienerds with Tower of Time, Sundered, and Iconoclasts for $15. Tower of Time is a 50 hour RPG with hand-crafted levels and a story told through cinematics. Sundered is a hand-drawn Metroidvania where the player has to confront hordes of foes in a world inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. Iconoclasts is a platforming action-adventure title where the player has to discover the secrets of a dying planet.

Die Auslanders with 5 classic X-Com games for $5. A staple of the turn-based sci-fi strategy genre, the original X-Com series has the player trying to save the world from an alien menace.

There are thousands of titles on sale during the Summer Sale Festival, with newly re-released titles such as Diablo and Warcraft I & II Bundle also on sale for 10% off. There are also daily recommendations and mixes to help customers find the right games for the right price, with themes such as "I'll be there for you", "Readioactive", "Panic! at the LAN party", available throughout the sale.

The Summer Sale Festival lasts until June 17, 10 PM UTC.

Disclosure: GOG works with TechRaptor to provide benefits for our Pack Hunter members.

What do you think of this sale? Are you looking for any games to buy? Let us know in the comments!

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