This is the home for Pack Hunter members, an exclusive area that will be changing regularly for your use!

If you’re able to see this page, it means that you’re a Pack Hunter – a group of elite TechRaptor members that both want to support our site’s growth as well as getting some perks from our awesome partners.

What do I get, exactly?

Ad-Free Browsing

Once you log in, all ads are gone from the site!

Discounts and Bonus Items

At the start of each month, you’ll receive an email from TechRaptor (make sure you have * allowed through spam!) with a list of codes for each of our Partners for the month. These codes will each offer something different for each Partner, as outlined in the table below. As we work to Partner with more companies, you’ll see this list grow, especially as our “Pack Hunter” member base grows!

direct2drive_partner You will get these perks from Direct2Drive!

  • Two 10% off One-Time Use Codes
  • Giveaway Codes for Paid Members
greenmangaming_partner You will get these perks from Green Man Gaming!

  • One 5% One-Time Use Discount Code
  • Giveaway Codes for Paid Members
games-republic-partner-logo You will get these perks from Games Republic!

  • One 5% off One-Time Use Code
  • Giveaway codes for Paid Members
nutaku_partner You will get these perks from Nutaku!

  • NOV ONLY – 1,000 Nutaku gold deposited into your account!
  • One-Time Use Promo Codes periodically sent out
playasia_partner You will get these perks from our partner, PlayAsia!

  • 3% any item over $19.99 with code “RAPTORS”
  • September – Discount Code for the Asia English section of PlayAsia!

Paid Member Giveaways!

Thanks to our Partners, we can offer regular giveaways that only Pack Hunters! These will be posted here, as well as emailed to all of you!

Free Voice Servers

We offer five (5) free voice servers for our paid members, hosted on our servers via Mumble. The passwords for these will change month to month, and you can gain access here!

Special Forum Title + Paid Member Forums

You’ll receive a forum title that separates you from the rest of the Pack, showing that you are a PACK HUNTER.  You’ll also have access to forums that only paid Pack Members can see, where you can offer up ideas and thoughts on how we can improve TechRaptor and Membership!

Access to State of TechRaptor

Want to know what’s coming, or has happened, with the site? Where’s the money going? “State of TechRaptor” is where you can get monthly site updates from the Founder himself! They’ll be posted below early in the month, every month!

Thank you to each of our Pack Hunter Members, your support is integral to helping TechRaptor grow as a site. We hope to add many more perks over time!