Goblin Slayer Tactics JRPG Reveals Gameplay & Details

New gameplay and details of the turn-based tactics JRPG Goblin Slayer: Another Adventurer - Nightmare Feast for PC and Nintendo Switch have been revealed and they'll delight fans of the manga and anime. 😍

Published: October 14, 2023 7:15 AM /


Goblin Slayer: Another Adventurer - Nightmare Feast Artwork Showing the Characters

Today Bushirioad hosted a livestream dedicated to the upcoming anime tactics JRPG Goblin Slayer: Another Adventurer - Nightmare Feast.

The presentation included a look at gameplay, which is pretty much a very classic turn-based tactics JRPG, and we also get some gameplay details.

Below you can check out a few presentation slides showing (small) screenshots and explaining aspects of the game. The game features both the established characters included in the manga and anime paired with new ones centered around the protagonist, the "another adventurer" who is actually a guild master.

There are substories that delve deeper into each character's motives and a lot of flavor text to enrich the world. The main story quest is fully voiced by the anime's voice actors.

Goblin Slayer: Another Adventurer - Nightmare Feast: First Presentation Slide

In the town that serves as the setting for the story, you can find a guild where you can receive quests and has facilities where you can purchase and improve items to support your guild master.

Goblin Slayer: Another Adventurer - Nightmare Feast Second presentation Slide

The gameplay has tactics RPG combat matching the worldview of the original manga and anime. The difficulty balance is designed to be satisfying, but there are difficulty levels that make it easier for beginners to clear.

Goblin Slayer Another Adventurer Nightmare Feast Third presentation Slide

In battle, the outcome will be determined by compatibility of attributes and terrain. You should can use traps to turn the tide to your advantage and launch wide-area attacks and power up your allies with powerful special techniques and high-level spells.

Goblin Slayer Another Adventurer Nightmare Feast Fourth presentation Slide

You can check out the video below, with the gameplay available at the 20:15 mark. It shows some narration, including the first meeting between Guild Master and the vampire Blood Princess (another new character) and Goblin Slayer himself. We also get to see combat and the special techniques mentioned above for both Goblin Slayer and Guild Master.

Goblin Slayer: Another Adventurer - Nightmare Feast releases in Japan for Nintendo Switch and Steam on February 29, 2024. Yes, it's challenging Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, albeit it's on different platforms so it can certainly be a good option for those who don't have a PS5. 

The western release window is still slated as "this winter" but obviously it can't come too much after the Japanese one, considering the timing. 

If you'd like to see more, you can check out the previous trailer and the first reveal

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