Gameloft Stronger Together Event Raises More Than Triple Its Goal For CARE

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Gameloft Stronger Together Event Raises More Than Triple Its Goal For CARE

May 7, 2019

By: Joseph Allen


French studio Gameloft and it's "Stronger Together" event recently raised over 186,000 euros (around $208,000) for poverty charity CARE. This amount is more than triple the goal set by the studio.

Stronger Together ran from April 8th through April 18th. The event took place in the free-to-play game Dragon Mania Legends. Gameloft sought out three influencers - Annie Leblanc, Bobby Duke Arts, and The LaBrant Fam - and asked them to create designs for in-game dragons. By donating to CARE, players could choose their favorite dragon design. The event also included a unique dragon for players to unlock. 100% of the proceeds from donations went to CARE, with more than 1.3 million players taking part in Stronger Together over 10 days. The set goal for the event was $50,000, which Gameloft has obviously exceeded significantly.

Gameloft's marketing and communications VP Damien Marchi says the event and its achievements are "extraordinary" and that the event represents "strong engagement" in CARE's charitable cause. CARE France's director general Philippe Leveque says he's "delighted" by the results. Leveque says the organization is moved by the "massive mobilization" of players worldwide, and that "none of this would have been possible" without Dragon Mania Legends' fanbase.

Dragon Mania Legends is a free-to-play game in which players breed and battle dragons. It was originally released for mobile platforms back in 2015, then later ported to PC. The game features a single-player story mode and a player-versus-player Arena mode. If you're interested in picking up the game, you can do so here for Android, here for iOS, and here for PC.


CARE is an international humanitarian charity founded in 1945. The organization fights global poverty with a special focus on women and girls. The aim of CARE is to improve education and health, create economic opportunities, respond to emergencies, and confront hunger worldwide.

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