The Game Awards 2018 - BioWare Teases Dragon Age 4 [UPDATED]

Published: December 6, 2018 11:49 PM /


dragon age teaser image dread wolf rises

At the Game Awards on Thursday, BioWare finally dropped the first teaser for the next game in the Dragon Age series.

The teaser was only about a minute long and featured the image of Solas from Dragon Age: Inquisition reaching out to a mysterious object and acknowledging that he has finally been found. The brief video ended without a release window or even an official title for the game, but did invite gamers to tweet with the hashtag #TheDreadWolfRises. The "Dread Wolf" of course refers to the companion Solas from Dragon Age: Inquisition, which won Game of the Year at the 2014 Game Awards. Hopefully more information is on the horizon.

BioWare also posted a message from Creative Director Matthew Goldman and Executive Producer Mark Darrah on the company's official blog. Though the blog offered little information other than what was already in the teaser, it does emphasize that the development team is hard at work and consists of a crew built around Dragon Age veterans.

Quick Take:

The lack of any concrete information probably means the release is still a long ways out, but the teaser is better than nothing



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