The Game Awards 2016 - Announcement Recap

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The Game Awards for 2016 are over and there was plenty of news and reveals throughout the night. The Pre-show for The Game Awards began at 8:30pm EST where Geoff Keighley was interviewed about what to expect and explained the process that the games and jury goes through to make The Game Awards happen.

The news didn't even wait for the beginning of the even,t as Bill Trinen spoke with Keighly and showed off a new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild showing off more of the world and not just Link's actions. During the trailer, we see forests, towns, and inhabitants of Hyrule, as well as some new enemies ending with both the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch Logo's.

After awarding Pokemon GO Best Mobile and Best Family game, Psyonix showed a new trailer for Rocket League. A free new arena called Starbase Arc, a new car called the Vulcan, and more music will be coming to Rocket League December 7th.

Gearbox Studios' Randy Pitchford takes to the stage to announce that they are now going into publishing. People Can Fly announced Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition coming to Windows, Xbox One, and PS4 April '17. You can also pre-order this game as of now for a discounted price, earning you Duke Nukem as a playable and fully voiced character. This game will support 4K, 60FPS, and new maps for score challenges.

Now that the pre-show is over, we move onto the main event.

After accepting his award for Industry Icon of 2015, Hideo Kojima announced he brought a gift and showed a new trailer for his upcoming game Death Stranding with The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus. The trailer shows a world in ruins with planes flying low and surprisingly rainbows overhead. A tank covered in bones and worm like creatures drive over a bridge as a man holding a baby in a tank, who is the focus in the trailer, hides underneath. After plugging a pipe into the baby's tank, it opens its eyes. A baby doll floats into access ways towards an ominous red light that turns out to be five soldiers; one of them is revealed to be Mads Mikkelsen.

Warframe news is up next as Rebecca Ford spoke about their new PC update "The War Within" that will be releasing for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this month. A trailer is shown for the new update, including information about a giveaways that are currently running.

The first look at the Assassin's Creed movie is next showing a new trailer of Michael Fassbender first entering the Animus.

After Inside earned the Best Indie and Best Art Direction awards, a short trailer plays revealing Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, it will be a 5 part episodic game as Telltale is used to and will be coming to Consoles, PC, and Mobile platforms. This game was leaked a couple of weeks ago but with this it is now fully confirmed to be in development.

Jessie Houston, an industry veteran, revealed a new free to play PC title called Dauntless. The announcement trailer followed two characters joined by more as they head towards red flares over a mountain. Upon arrival they find a large shadowed foe, as they go to strike the trailer ends with a link to

Cliff Bleszinski revealed a new trailer for his upcoming arena shooter, Lawbreakers showing off a new map, a new character, and more. Beta signups are also now available for Lawbreakers.

Arkane Studios' speaks with Keighley next to talk about the new Prey game that will be coming in Spring of 2017 and brought with him a new trailer for Prey, as well as announcing they will be the next cover for GameInformer magazine. The trailer starts with an audio log of a man finding a spaceship before meeting an untimely demise. Taking place on the Talos 1 research facility, we see gameplay of the kinds of environments and gameplay elements that we can expect to see in Prey.

Reggie Fils-Aime from Nintendo of America takes to the stage to talk more about the upcoming Legend of Zelda title. After talking about the franchise as a whole, he then shows a brand new trailer with Eiji Aunomura talking about how his team are currently working on the game and couldn't be present but wanted to show a video of the Nintendo Treehouse crew playing through a new area of Breath of the Wild. In this trailer, we see Link wearing red armor and exploring a forested region, encountering new enemies, and fighting a large monster.

Yacht Club Games show off their prequel to Shovel Knight, as you establish the Order of No Quarter in Specter of Torment. In this game you play as Specter Knight, giving you new abilities and ways to get around the retro inspired platforming world.

A second sneak peek for the upcoming Assassin's Creed movie is shown as Michael Fassbender rides off on a horse to rescue a boy who has been kidnapped.

343 Industries have announced that everyone who purchases Halo Wars 2 will be receiving Halo Wars Definitive Edition on both Xbox One and Windows 10, releasing on the 20th of December. In Halo Wars 2 news, a new trailer is shown revealing more information about some of the key players involved in the game including Atriox, the new commander of the opposing forces.

Information about Season 3 of Telltale's The Walking Dead is revealed as our new protagonist explores the zombie apocalypse. The game is set a couple of years in the future from the last Season. In December, the first two episodes of The Walking Dead Season 3 will be released at once. A trailer was then played, showing the protagonist and where we will see him at the start of the apocalypse before he meets up with Clementine.

Aaron Flynn of Bioware is among one of the last to deliver a reveal today as Bioware shows off the first footage of the new series in the Mass Effect franchise Mass Effect: Andromeda. You are the pathfinder, someone who is meant to explore, find, and guide. On the planet shown in the trailer, there is a war between factions that you can decide whether you want to take a side or fight for your own side. The circle decision wheel is returning, as is paragon and renegade choices. The gameplay trailer then goes on to show traveling, scanning for clues, and combat.

And with the final announcement of The Game Awards for 2016 the show closes.

What did you think of all the announcements? Anything you're now super excited for? Is there anything that you wish you heard about?

Credit to MKIceAndFire for uploading all of the trailers.


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