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Errand Boy Title

The Wholesome Games Direct has offered us some quaint little titles to check out for the first, with one of the first showed off being the indie title Errand Boy.

First conceived during a Global Game Jam in 2018, by Costa Rican developer Tree Interactive, Errand Boy is about a little monster who is constantly helping his little town of monsters by doing errands for them. The more residents the titular errand boy, named Watt, helps, the better the town becomes, which is good news for Watt and the residents, as the established relationships with them not only help the town flourish, but can also stave off a crisis in the future as threatening forces begin to plague the world.

At its heart, Errand Boy is a game about helping people and finding meaning through responsibility. Players will navigate the world doing errands for the denizens of your town, often venturing outside the safety of the town to deal with other obstacles and threats few have seen in years. The world itself is described as a game set near the end of the world by art director Felipe Cartin, and all of the characters, including Watt, are grappling with that reality in their last days. 

Some of Errand Boy's design invokes the puzzle/action style of the older Zelda titles, with exploration being a key component. Watt needs to fight off some enemies and even find ways to progress across the map by using enemies against themselves, but Errand Boy is definitly a unique take on the action/puzzle style, with a gorgeous presentation surrounding an already solid premise. 

Errand Boy currently has no release date, but Tree Interactive is promising the game will be released in the Summer of 2021. Tree Interactive is also hoping to release the game for both the PC and the Nintendo Switch. 

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