Forge Squad Aims to Blend Overcooked and Tower Defense

Published: January 7, 2021 2:44 PM /


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Chaotic multiplayer games such as Overcooked are a special kind of fun, and now a new indie developer is making their student project Forge Squad into something just like that. There's a twist, though — it also adds in tower defense gameplay.

Wizard Dudes is a small Austrian indie studio that came up with a cool idea: take the co-op chaos of a game like Overcooked and mix it up with some new gameplay. The result of that hard work is  Forge Squad, a game that will be launching on Steam sometime later this year.


Have a gander at 8 minutes of Forge Squad gameplay to get a feel for its vibe:

Forge Squad is Basically Overcooked with Blacksmiths

To understand Forge Squad, you need to understand OvercookedOvercooked has 1–4 players working together in a kitchen to make dishes for customers as fast as possible. One player might chop vegetables, another player will actually cook the dish, and a third player might serve it up to customers while the fourth player washes dishes. It's a delicate ballet of moving around one another and chaos can break out at any moment.

Other games have emulated the Overcooked formula before. Diner Bros., for example, is very similar to Overcooked in most of its mechanics with some subtle differences. Forge Squad, on the other hand, has some similarities while also adding new gameplay.


Rather than cook dishes, you'll be serving as a blacksmith forging magical runes. These runes are used to defeat enemies in tower defense gameplay, protecting the celestial realm from the invading forces of darkness.

There will be 5 different levels at launch with three difficulty of levels and the option to play an endless game mode. You won't have to play it co-op, mind — a single-player game mode will also be available. Naturally, a Steam Leaderboard and Steam Achievements will also be available.

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When is the Forge Squad Release Date?

The Forge Squad release date will be sometime in Spring of 2021; no specific release date for the game has been announced as of yet. The game will be launching on Steam to start.

If this upcoming inaugural title from Wizard Dudes looks like your kind of jam, you can add Forge Squad to your wishlist on Steam. You can find out more about the game and its developers on its official website


What do you think of Forge Squad? What's your favorite tower defense game of all time? Let us know in the comments below!

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