Flying Wild Hog is Working With Jagex on a Project That Will Probably Announced This Year

Flying Wild Hog is working on four games, two of which are unannounced.

Published: February 8, 2021 12:06 PM /


Flying WildHog

On Flying Wild Hog's latest website they've just announced that four games are in development, including a title with Jagex that may be announced later this year. The first game discussed in the post is Shadow Warrior 3, which is coming out sometime this year. Mr. Lo Wang will be facing off against his nemesis Orochi Zilla, and it has quite the description: 

Was there ever a more iconic duo than those two? Perhaps. But we’re not here to judge, oh no! We’re here to see the fast-paced action that will make your head spin quicker than Avengers: Infinity War! Some call Shadow Warrior 3 a first-person shooter. I like to call it a first-person celebration of emotive storytelling and katanas. Ladies and gentlemen, this little nutcracker is coming to PC this year.

The second title is Evil West, which follows the story of Jesse and features more first-person shooting and hat-ripping explosions, which I hope doesn't happen to Jesse because he has a really swell hat. It also has co-op so you can hunt vampires with a bud while ripping each other's hats off.

What is Jagex Working on With Wild Hog?

As for the Jagex announcement, that's all there really is to it. It's coming, and it will probably be announced this year. The partnership with Jagex was announced in August 2020, and it's Jagex's first third-party publishing deal. The game itself is a "multi-format living game" which tells us absolutely nothing. We'll have to see later this year what all the fuss is about. There's also no mention at all of Jagex's purchase by Caryle and the subsequent legal dispute, so with this re-affirmation that the game is still being developed it looks as though it's still full steam ahead for this particular title.

And for those who are wondering what exactly the fourth game is going to be: so are we. There's no mention of the fourth game besides the fact that it exists, so it'll probably be a long wait until it's announced.

For those who would like to check out the blog post themselves, be sure to go here. You can also check out Shadow Warrior 3 and Evil West on Steam and add them to your wishlist. For everything else, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.

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