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First Rainbow Six Siege DLC Gets Delayed

Gaming article by Chris Anderson on Monday, January 4, 2016 - 09:30
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December 1, 2015
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The first new content DLC for Ubisoft's tactical squad-based shooter Rainbow Six Siege has been slightly delayed.


The Operation Black ICE DLC will add 2 new characters to the game. These 2 characters will be coming from Canada's Joint Task Force 2 counter-terrorism unit and have access to completely new weapons and gadgets not available to other characters already in the game. In addition to these 2 characters, the release of the DLC will also add a new map to the game for everyone who owns the base game, season pass or not. Gameplay will also be tweaked in as of yet unknown ways.

Players can acquire the new operators via several ways. You can buy the operators with renown, a currency earned by playing the game, or with R6 credits. R6 credits are purchased with real money and will allow you to buy Renown Boosters that boost the amount of renown you get while you're playing the game. For a detailed roadmap of all planned post-launch DLC, you can read a blog post on the official Rainbow Six Siege website which we covered previously.


Players who have purchased the season pass will immediately have access to the new operators when the DLC pack releases on the 2nd of February, with non-season pass players gaining access 7 days later.

Rainbow Six Siege released on December 1st last year to critical and public acclaim. Shortly before release the game's beta got delayed due to to server issues, which got players worried because of the imminent release of the game. Ubisoft was also the target of some community backlash after the promised offline mode for the popular Terrorist Hunt mode was nowhere to be found in the retail version of the game. Despite these issues though, our review of the game found it to be a very enjoyable experience.

Quick Take

Although I tend to be critical of Ubisoft's business practices these past few years, I got to commend them on handling the DLC content business fairly, really making an effort to avoid turning their full-priced game into a pay 2 win ordeal.

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