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Heavensward has been found to be a great expansion for Final Fantasy XIV so far. Square-Enix continues to release new content for their MMO, for the joy of the fans of the saga. Now that most of the end-game players had their chance to confront themselves with Alexander, it's almost time for a new content patch. After what has been revealed today, patch 3.2 promises to be really interesting. It will also, most notably, mark the return of Eorzea's most extraordinaire investigator.

First and foremost, yes, Hildibrand is making a return. Your favourite Manderville gentleman was last seen shooting at great heights at the end of the previous chain of quests that ended with the dismantling of a great evil plan in Ul'dah. Nashu, his assistant, will never abandon hope of the return of her mentor and her search will bring her to the northern lands of Ishgard. This means that with patch 3.2, you will be able to follow again Hildibrand and his friends' crazy adventures.

Talking of new quests, there will be a new Beast Tribe questline to follow. You will be able to take daily quests from the tribe of exile Gnaths that you already encountered during the main scenario. The theme of the quests will most likely revolve around helping them sever the connection with the Onemind once and for all.

A new 8-men party instance will be added to Heavensward with the next patch. Alexander has been defeated but not destroyed and continues humming in the depths. The illuminati are continuing their work and Alexander will lift an arm from the Thaliak river. The heroes of Eorzea will have to venture again in the iron fortress in the new dungeon called Alexander:Midas. A new dungeon will, of course, mean also new loot. Midan gear will drop from this instance and it looks awesome.

Final Fantasy XIV Midan gear

A new training area, named Stone, Sky, Sea, will be introduced as well in patch 3.2. It will allow both veterans and newcomers of Final Fantasy XIV to test their might against different class of dummies studied to mimick elite enemies, in order to prepare yourself to face the real deal. It sounds like it will be useful to test new rotations and builds, especially if you decide to take a new job.

Finally, new tomestones will (of course) be introduced with the new patch. The Allagan Tomestone of Lore, will give access to the Eikonic gear. Square-Enix released a sneak peek of the Monk, Dragoon, Ninja and Caster Eikonic sets:

Final Fantasy XIV Eikonic

Final Fantasy is known, as a saga, for their over the top character design and, of course, Final Fantasy XIV is no exception. This new gear sets will most likely be the pride and joy of countless glamour enthusiasts.

What you think of the 3.2 patch of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward? Do you roam the lands of Eorzea? Let us know in the comments.

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